Lightning Console FAQ



If your question is not listed below, please send us a message and we'll be happy to assist you!


1.  I noticed the charging indicator light stays on, should I be concerned about this draining my battery?

(No). In most vehicles, the green charging indicator light will stay on along with the headlight switch and hazard button for a few minutes after closing the car. We have noticed in some vehicles, the green indicator light stays on indefinitely. However, because the charger only activates when a device is placed on it, the small LED will not draw nearly enough power to drain the battery. Our testing showed Lightning Console can remain installed in a dormant vehicle for several months without draining the battery.

2.  I’ve installed Lightning Console but neither the charging pad nor the 12v outlet have power. What is causing this to happen?

If your 12v cigarette lighter socket was not working prior to installing Lightning Console and neither Lightning Console nor the 12v socket are working properly after installation, the 12v outlet fuse is likely blown. Located behind a black door in the glovebox is the fusebox. Here you should find a fuse map showing the location of your 12v outlet fuse. Inspect the fuse and replace if necessary.

3.  What wattage is Lightning Console?

Lightning Console has a charging output of 10 watts at 1.5A.

4.  Is Lightning Console a Qi wireless charger? Does it feature fast charging?

Yes, Lightning Console meets the Qi 1.2 international wireless charging standard.

5.  Is Lightning Console compatible with Right Hand Drive (RHD) Model F3X's?

Lightning Console is not currently compatible with Right Hand Drive models. We plan to offer a Right Hand Drive model soon!

6.  The F3X 3 & 4 Series center console looks very similar to my 2 Series center console. Will Lightning Console work with my 2 Series?

While the center consoles look very similar between the 3/4 Series and 2 Series, they are slightly different. However, we do plan to offer a 2 Series compatible Lightning Console soon!

7.  I have a manual transmission. Will Lightning Console fit my BMW?

Yes! Lightning Console will fit your manual transmission BMW. Fitment is identical between manual and automatic models.