About Us

A Little Bit About the Team & Our Mission


Jake Doggett - Founder & President

From a young age, I've been obsessed with just about anything motorized. Building, breaking, and repairing remote control models was a huge part of my childhood and is likely what led to my interest in working on full-size toys! Whether working on a remote control monster truck or a BMW 3 series, I've grown to appreciate a strong understanding of the mechanics that make these vehicles work. As we enthusiasts know all too well, these mechanical addictions aren't cheap—especially if paying someone else for labor, in addition to costly parts! When I heard the bad rep most German vehicles get for being costly to maintain, I knew a DIY mindset would be necessary to keep these costs to a minimum. So far so good! Throughout my first 5+ years of BMW ownership, I've learned a lot about the common problems these vehicles face, how to fix them, and how to have a good time upgrading and modifying too. It's been incredible sharing this passion with others through YouTube, helping in any way that I can! We've been able to save viewers thousands of dollars and tons of time, often putting a smile on their face, which is what it's all about here at JD Cars! 

Happy Motoring,



Sam Crocker - The Swiss Army Knife

Since the early days of recklessly pedaling plastic tricycles around the pre-school yard, Sam has always been a close friend and involved member of the team. From from wrenching and filming to making local parts runs and directing shoots, Sam is an invaluable member of the team. A favorite memory was tirelessly working away into the wee hours of the morning with Sam to complete our Jeep long-arm lift kit installation; We completed the install and proceeded to go for our first off-road test drive at 4am. Here's to many more 4am test drives!


Andrew Milne - Class Clown

From intense Formula Drift viewings to shredding trails and tracks on pit bikes, there's never a dull moment with Andrew. Aside from figuring out how to get his C6 Corvette to beat our tuned up F30, he's been working away behind the scenes. Aside from also manning the camera and getting his hands dirty in the garage, Andrew is in charge of trend analysis, planning our E46 drift build, and has been heading our new shop construction project. Andrew's endless jokes and go-getter attitude are what keep spirits and motivation lively around here!