DIY M-Sport Steering Wheel Wrap

Today we're covering the DIY M-Sport steering wheel wrap project I did on the E90 a few years ago! This is one of my favorite modifications for any car as the steering wheel is your biggest point of touch contact with the car. Let's jump into it!

In the Mewant steering wheel cover kit, you'll find your steering wheel cover, a plastic pry tool, thread & needle, and double-sided adhesive.


The red stripe will go at the top of the wheel. Opposite of the red stripe, find this U-shaped section of material. This part will go on the front of the wheel.

Gently stretch the steering wheel cover over the wheel to ensure everything lines up as it should. The cover is a tight fit so this may require some force.

Cut small strips of the double-sided adhesive and apply to the inside of the cover.

Remove the backing from the adhesive and begin sticking the cover to the wheel, carefully lining up each edge of the cover with the existing seem in the wheel.

Use the plastic pry tool to carefully tuck edges of the cover into the gaps around the wheel. Avoid pushing on visible outside surfaces of the cover as this can damage the cover.

Some slight trimming with scissors may be necessary in order to get all edges of the cover tucked in sufficiently.

Thread the thread color of your choice through the needle, leaving two equal length strands coming from the needle. Tie a knot at the end of the two strands. You will need a little more than three feet of thread for each lower section of the wheel, and about five feet of thread for the top section.

Begin by stitching the thread through two holes at the end of a seem a few times to securely tie the material together.

Now stitch the thread through each line of existing stitching, skipping one stitch on one side only in order to create the diagonal stitch pattern.

Continue this stitching pattern throughout the remainder of the section you're working on.

Once you've reached the end of a section, tightly knot off the thread to ensure it doesn't come undone. Then rinse and repeat on the next section of the wheel. The wheel can be gently rotated while stitching to gain better access.

A few hours later and your wheel should look something like this! Overall, this is a very tedious, time consuming job but it can be fun and the results are well worth it!


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  • Tom

    Great article! It would be nice to have more details and close up pictures of the stiching and types of stitching patterns for absolute beginner. Thank you.

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